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New at Buck’s T-4: Live Music featuring Cyrus Kimbrell

Tonight, Buck’s kicks off the beginning in a series of live music performances taking place all January long. Buck’s has a history of providing Big Sky with some of the best in musical talent. Most recently, Mission Mountain Wood Band returned for their traditional New Year’s Eve performance and excited fans with their energy and enthusiasm like times past. Tonight’s performance will be a different setting and style, with Cyrus Kimbrell making Buck’s pub his stage and the selection of tunes showcasing his unique versatility and ability as a singer and songwriter.

When asked what sort of music the audience can expect from him Cyrus  half laughed and said, “I will play anything from old Irish ballads to ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ depending on the audience.” And from what I’ve seen I believe him. That isn’t to say that Cyrus isn’t capable of serious, he just has a certain rustic charm capable of drawing a laugh from any audience.

His comedic prowess was proven in our brief photo shoot Wednesday as I spent most of the time laughing at his antics. His prop selection included his Taylor guitar, his dog Jackie Chan, a samurai sword and a skull shaped shot glass. However, beneath his humor was a mild unease at being the focus of my lens.  It’s evident that Cyrus isn’t interested in limelight or attention, he just wants to play his music.  Really, I don’t think he knows how not to play. That intensity and love of music are apparent the moment he picks up his guitar.  For those of you like me, with out any natural musical inclination, it’s a source of envy watching someone like Cyrus, who manages to humbly harness both talent and passion.

Cyrus will be playing all January at Buck’s T-4 pub starting tomorrow, Saturday, January 9th. Shows start at 10pm and admission is free. The bar is open until late and I’ve been pretty impressed by the cocktails created by Buck’s bartenders. I recommend arriving earlier to try out Buck’s new pub menu, they definitely have some of the best dishes in town. Try the fried chicken–the recipe is straight from Helen Knight’s kitchen–and I promise you will come back and order it again. And don’t forget to ask for some fried pickles no matter what you order.

Further performances will be held on Saturday, January 16th and Friday, January 22nd and 29th. If you’ve read this far you have to see Cyrus play at least once this January. He’s even made mention of a special guest performance by “Mankoon Buckstaff.” Apparently, or so I’ve been told, the only way to find out what that means is to show up and watch.  I’ll be there just to see just who or what the elusive Mr. “Buckstaff “is.

For more information please call 406.996.4111.


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