The Snow Gods are Listening: Fresh Powder at Big Sky

For those of you who have been faithful in your prayers to the snow gods, it appears your diligence has paid off. The snow is falling, and falling in Big Sky, Montana.

Today is the first big powder day in two weeks time, which is a lifetime to skiers and boarders. I was probably the only one driving down the mountain this morning. The eastbound lane of Lone Mountain Trail was a continuous stream of cars filled with powder seeking ski and board fanatics. Trust me when I tell you I wished I had been headed the other direction but unfortunately my attempts to conquer snowboarding Thursday left me a little too battered to make it out today.

Thankfully, it is still snowing, so there is the promise of another powder day tomorrow. We’ve been very fortunate with snow here in Big Sky this winter, with excellent conditions since day one of ski season. And while we’ve had a bit of a drought these past two weeks snow wise, on the upside we’ve had phenomenal weather for January. Typically, the coldest month of the season, we’ve been experiencing spring like conditions here in Big Sky. And the guests at Buck’s T-4 who come from much warmer climates have really appreciated all the sun and 30°F+ days.

I checked in with those fortunate to get up the mountain today and the report is great. The only drawback to all the powder is that there might actually be lift lines. My cousin said that he had never seen that many people at Moonlight Basin before–it was also $10 day–which is a sharp contrast to my lineless Thursday snowboarding session where I felt like I practically owned the mountain.

When I first made plans to move to Big Sky most people I told in LA had never even heard of the place let alone associated amazing skiing with Big Sky. It’s places like Vail, Aspen and Tahoe that steal all the glory, and Big Sky is no Vail. It’s better. Just last night I was talking to a guest who has been coming to Buck’s and Big Sky for the last 13 years and he agreed with me. He told me that Big Sky boasts some of the best skiiable terrain for all ability levels while managing to still feel like a home away from home. You don’t get that everywhere and that is why he comes back year after year.

Happy powder days everyone in Big Sky!


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